Wood Frames

Wood FramesGood frames enhance the beauty of a photo or artwork and provides it with a touch of elegance. There are many frame options out there, but wood is great for many reasons. Wood is readily available, sturdy, and very durable. It holds the artwork perfectly and prevents it from degenerating. Because wooden frames are so plentiful, they come in various shapes and sizes to fit anyone’s needs.

Wood frames provide the best protection to photos, pictures, and other artwork which need framing because wood has the capacity to absorb any liquid which helps in protecting your artwork.  This quality is missing in metal or plastic frames. Although great for some artwork, plastic and metal frames have edges which could harm the artwork during the framing process or while cleaning the frame.

Wood frames will ensure that your artwork does not fade or gather dust and/ or moisture. They also offer a variety of colors, one of our favorites are white frames because they can highlight the artwork inside.



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