Austin Frame Corner Mr Jingles

We’ve Got SOO Many Frames!

Our selection of custom frames include:

  • Picture frames
  • Mirror frames
  • Painting frames
  • Shadow boxes
  • Colored frames
  • Black frames
  • Wide frames
  • Polka-dot frames


Any picture or art frame you could possibly want, we have it at The Frame Corner in Austin, Texas.




We have a wide variety of unique and exciting quarter frames for canvases. These can be hard to find because not many people have heard of them.  These unique frames are great for Art Restoration projects.  In fact, many of our largest customers, including museums and state of Texas offices use our unique custom frames.



We also carry specialty glass, museum glass, conservation glass, plexiglass, and conservation plexiglass.  We recommend plexiglass on oversized pieces because glass weighs more.  Over time glass will stress the joints of the art frame.  In many cases, wire frames are costly, and they are not archival. Using plexiglass eliminates the need for wire frames.



Another fun thing we have in the frame store is our computer generated mat cutter.  With this versatile machine, we can custom cut mats and custom cut framing corners to any shape.   Of course we still offer square, circle, and oval frames, but if you want a special shaped frame, we can make it. We are only limited by your imagination.



We’ll Even Hang Them

For your convenience, we deliver and install your work of art.  Let us take care of your larger artwork/paintings, – both pick up and drop off.  We’ll even hang them up for you when we’re done.

So for any framing needs you have in Austin, The Frame Corner is the place you can trust with your custom framing or art restoration project.

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