Using matting in your picture frame can lead to many factors when selecting both your frame and the matting itself, or you may choose to not use matting at all. Some art mediums require top matting or a fillet* to keep the glass from touching the art itself and damaging it. This and other times, the correct matting enhances the artwork, drawing the eye in while highlighting less dominant colors. Other pieces benefit from back matting. This is when your art is displayed on top of the mat board. The entire art work is displayed and none of the borders or corners are hidden.

*A fillet is a thin piece of decorative wood or cloth border that fits inside the inner edge of a wood frame or two pieces of cut matting. They make a beautifully classic and luxuriously finished look.

Below you will see two examples of back matting within the picture frame.

The first highlighted with a fillet and the second accentuated with both a fillet and top matting. Both ideally emphasize their art and are true to their subject’s style. Elegant framing is as timeless as the art itself.

Picture Frame With Mat         Matted Picture Frame

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