Mike Etie is an old friend of The Frame Corner’s. He is a local artist who is phenomenal with light and is a master at his work, with his preferred medium pastels. Mike regularly goes on site to create a number of beautiful landscapes and seascapes, most of them highlighting our Texas area.


Mike Etie’s work is on display and for sale at The Frame Corner through June 1st.  We have framed and unframed works of his ranging in price up to $350. If you fall in love with a landscape but want it bigger, Mike can create any custom size print that you want.  Many of these prints would be great blown up to 30 x 40 inches for a wall hanging or even gallery wrapped on canvas.  Morning-On-The-Frio-Mike-Etie



“In my paintings, I strive to capture the intensity of emotional response that describes the way one feels as he sees the sun move quickly at the beginning and end of each day.  We are all so caught up in our lives that we forget to acknowledge God’s gifts, controlling what we do and how we feel in subtle ways.  Of course, the sun rises every day, but never appears the same exact way.  The appreciation of that daily difference is one of the blessings we are given without any obligation – we have only to notice and enjoy.”

Come down to The Frame Corner and see this local artist’s work through June 2015!