Your Picture Frames May Be
Harming Your Artwork

If you have not inspected your picture frame in the last 6 years, it is a good idea to bring it into The Frame Corner and let us look at it.  Often framed art has the wrong glass, deteriorating mats, and acidic materials that can damage your pieces.  This is contrary to the very reason you get the picture framed.

The worst damage for artwork is UV damage.  Sunlight can harm your artwork, as well as overhead lights and even lamps in your home. It is important to determine if your glass is UV protected.

Framing your artwork with us means that you will never need to have art restoration done on that piece.  We provide 100% archival framing, and everything is acid-free.  We specifically do not carry metal frames because you cannot put an archival back on them, and glass often breaks when paired with metal frames.

Art Restoration Framing AustinPreserve Newspaper/ Magazine Clippings

When a customer brings in a newspaper article, a magazine clipping, etc., the original document is acidic and ordinarily would turn yellow and rot in a frame.  We work closely with a local Austin paper conservator who reprints your article on archival paper. Then we go to work to put it in a picture or art frame that will last forever.



C-_Users_prince-thkaur_Desktop_New-folder-(3)_Custom-Framing-Austin-By-PeggyArt Restoration

We have many customers that bring in their old artwork.  Typically, it just needs a little TLC.  We bring old frames, old paintings, and many different artwork mediums back to life here in our Austin store.  We will clean, varnish, and fix them up so they look good as new.


Check your framed artwork, and if you have doubts about how it was framed, bring it in to us at The Frame Corner and let’s look at it.  We’ll happily and properly frame your treasures so you can enjoy them for years to come.