Framing Ideas

The Frame Corner Framing IdeasFor those special occasions and special people in our lives, there are countless possibilities for creating something lasting and enjoyable. Enrich your living or workspace with the photos, art and memorabilia you treasure most. In the slideshow below are just a few ideas to help inspire you. Come by the shop and let us help you think through the possibilities.

Momentous Occasions:
Sometimes things happen in our lives which are so personally meaningful and joyful, we want to hold both the memories and special items linked to those events forever. An example would be the birth of a child, where we take the birth announcement, footprints, and hospital baby wear, and present them in a framed piece. Whatever the occasion, we can help you create a special item that will bring back memories and joyful feelings.

Each year there are special days on the calendar that remind us of what our loved ones mean to us. Sometimes it is great to express our feelings through a customized gift that captures our special relationships with those people. Among the most popular, acknowledged holidays surrounding our loved ones are those listed below, along with an idea that might provide inspiration:

  • Mother’s Day – photo montage of the family
  • Father’s Day – special times with Dad
  • Valentine’s Day – meaningful moments and sentimental items

No matter the event, occasion, or location, we would love to discuss ideas and options for your special project.