Oil paintings are a sensitive media. They can collect stains and dirt over time and most of us do not know how to clean them.  It is actually easier than you think!  We will walk you through the simple process to bring out the original vibrancy in your oil painting.



How to clean paintings without any fancy materials:

Take a mild detergent you have around the house and dilute it with water.  Use a very soft cloth (like a diaper) and lightly wash the surface.  Do not let the painting get really wet, just use a little bit at a time.  Let it dry completely and then repeat the process.

When it is clean to your satisfaction, you can use a varnish to bring the colors back to life.  At The Frame Corner, we usually use Damar Varnish, which we find works the best.  Once you varnish your painting, it is considered archival.  Voilà!

If you need help cleaning your oil paintings or custom framing, please give us a call at The Frame Corner, we’d love to help!  (512) 435-7788