We’ve Got Frames!

Our selection of custom frames include:

Picture frames
Mirror frames
Painting frames
Shadow boxes
Colored frames
Black frames
Wide frames
Polka-dot frames

Any picture or art frame you could possibly want, we have it at The Frame Corner in Austin, Texas.

We have a wide variety of unique and exciting quarter frames for canvases. These can be hard to find because not many people […]

Holiday Gifts at The Frame Corner

Picture Framing For Holiday Gifts at The Frame Corner

The holiday season is upon us.  Now is the time to start framing your special holiday gifts!  At The  Frame Corner in Austin, Texas, we would love to help you with any custom framing or art restoration project that you have in mind.
Our Passion
When it comes to […]

It’s Like A Candy Store for Bike Enthusiasts

There are so many good posters! Ladies and gentlemen, the 1st Annual Austin Bike Poster Show is underway. The show opening was held Thursday, May 6, where the winning poster was announced (see photo gallery to the right). The winning poster was “Commute” by Kevin Nadeau. It combines all of the elements the judges were […]

Is It Time for an Art Checkup?

If you have a professionally framed picture that is over ten years old, it is time to have it checked. If the bevel on the mat on your framed picture for example is brown, the mat is bad. This could compromise the integrity of the framed art. The Frame Corner is happy to inspect the framed picture […]

Do Not Frame Newsprint!

If you want to custom frame an article from a newspaper have it scanned and custom frame the scanned version. Framed newsprint will deteriorate. In fact, it will deteriorate faster in the frame than unframed. The scanned article will have a much longer life. Before you go to your local custom picture framer have the […]